Personalised Coach Number Plates

There are many people who have personalised number plates put on their cars. They may have been saving up for this car for a long time or it may have been a gift for a milestone birthday and the personalised number plates often reflect this.

Many company vehicles also have personalised number plates on them as a form of additional advertising and it also allows them to quickly identify the place of a particular vehicle in the companyís fleet.

Regardless of this, coach hire companies are one of the few companies with fleets of vehicles which donít tend to have personalised number plates for their coaches. Number plates as an advertising medium are actually very small and for a coach hire company, their name will rarely abbreviate to letters which will fit onto a personalised number plate.

Even if the name doesnít quite fit onto the plates, a company may still squeeze on an abbreviation and we have all seen the fleet vehicles with personalised number plates which we have spent all the time sitting at the traffic lights behind them trying to decipher the name of the company.

Personalised number plates are also more expensive to register than ordinary plates and if a coach hire company already has higher fuel and maintenance costs for their specialised coaches, they often donít want the added cost of a fleet of personalised plates.

When personalising number plates, you can also often choose the colours of the background and the lettering and many companies have the colour of their plates match their company colours. However, coach hire companies try to ensure that as many of their coaches as possible are neutral as this ensures that all of their coaches can secure the maximum amount of work.

Many coach hire companies also like to ensure their coaches are as neutral as possible as they get a lot of funeral work and personalised colourful number plates may not always be appropriate for such a sombre occasion.

For more information about hiring a coach which is suitable for your next occasion from the windshield to the number plates and everything in between, contact Coach Broker now.

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Some coach hire companies use their personalised number plates as extra advertising while others perfer to remain professional all over
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